Coro Musirè APS

If you like to sing, if you like company, if you want to commit

  •   Piazza Europa (locali sotto UNES) - 20051 Cassina De' Pecchi (Milano)

The choir

In reality we should say, more generally, WHAT A CHORUS IS, since our choir, from this point of view, is no different from the others. Wanting to summarize the life of a choir in a few lines is a difficult undertaking. We are a group of friends, we like to sing, be together, we love the Spiritual genre. As little as it may seem it could be everything. We started for fun and the game turned out to be a real passion. Singing seems to be the most banal thing in the world or, at least, the simplest: because it is within everyone’s reach and we all know at least one song. But singing in a choir is something different, beyond the difficulties or the technical aspects that this entails, the alchemy of the merging voices creates a unique sensation for the listener but, above all, for the singer. And then the choir is a microcosm, a small metaphor of life: likes, dislikes, characters different … and this piece I don’t like, and this piece is beautiful, and he doesn’t leave it aside, and this is a little bit, and it goes to the hairdresser before the concerts, and we’re always late and so on. But then you start singing, and then … Those who sing know that the choral is a very widespread reality. It might surprise you to know that in every village there is a choir, indeed it is not a gamble to say that there are more choirs than football clubs (if this gives you the idea …). But in addition to the numbers it must be said that there is no reality that can unite, in such a transversal way, people of all backgrounds, from Sciura Maria, struggling with their daughter’s homework, to the doctor, from the employee to the engineer, passing by the student struggling … with the daughter of the sciura Maria. In short, a beautiful world. Being part of this universe we are committed, as far as we can, to promote singing, to make known musical realities that belong to other cultures, to make ourselves available for any event that has this meaning or that has a humanitarian purpose. If we then count that this allows us to stay away from the television (… or from the husband) at least twice a week ….. For the spirit that distinguishes us, anyone can be part of the choir: there are no auditions to undergo, everyone can sing. We want to achieve quality through work and commitment and not through the “selection” of items. We have formed an association. A necessary choice to face our commitments in the best way. We rehearse twice a week working to learn new songs, to brush up on old ones and to prepare for concerts. Periodically, with the help of a singing teacher, we work on the vocal technique, to apply it to the pieces of our repertoire. In short, we could conclude by saying: “work while having fun”.