Coro Musirè APS

If you like to sing, if you like company, if you want to commit

  •   Piazza Europa (locali sotto UNES) - 20051 Cassina De' Pecchi (Milano)

Who we are

The Cultural Association Coro Musirè is an association of Cassina de Pecchi (Milan).

We are a mixed choir and we sing a repertoire that starts from the Spiritual up to the Gospel through ethnic music. The purpose of the association is to create opportunities for meetings useful for mutual knowledge and collaboration, to create an environment suitable for the development of musical activities in general for everyone and in particular for young people with concerts, conferences, debates, hospitality of illustrious people. Carry out and promote recreational activities for every age, cure the finding, the acquisition and the conservation of useful material to the universal musical investigation and promote works of solidarity.
The purpose of the choir is to achieve these goals by singing and… having fun.
The Association is a non-profit organization neither for itself nor for its members and is non-partisan.